Project Description


After IVC successfully demonstrated advanced design and engineering capabilities, Biotherm asked us to design and develop a custom merchandising wall unit to replace existing units. Starting off of a simple non-technical 3D rendering, our designers and engineers conceptualized, developed, engineered and prototyped a state-of-the-art shelf system with seamless LED lighting integration.

IVC’s in-house 3D Printing technology allowed our designers and engineers to develop and prototype Aluminum extrusions that have the capabilities to provide at the same time:

• Lighting to products on the shelf below
• Shelf Edge Signage and Graphics
• Lighting to edge lit clear acrylic signage from below

In addition to electrical and lighting engineering, IVC also developed the structural system and custom plastic shelf edge extrusions.


• design a modular system to fit different retailers

• the design was dictated by the international team with multiple members and reviews

• the design had to have a multitude of integrated curves

• the merchandising wall had to be optimized for inventory control

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